With their new album ItAliens, NdA wants to tell the story of this new ‘Italian identity’ in a modern-ancient language.

They want to tell their story about migrants who left a small village of Southern Italy in the 90s and then travelled the World, living in the cosmopolitan realities of European capitals and finally (or temporarily) placing themselves in Paris. They sing about stories that come from the past but are contemporary, they use the dialect, as their ancestors used to do, as a powerful language to denounce the hardship and the discomforts of the present. They sing about migration and the underworld (malavita in Italian) but also about fairy tales and fables.
The Southern Italian rhythms of their percussions will merge with psychedelic riffs from the 90s. The progressive Italian folk-rock from the ‘70s will live into new wave atmospheres from the 80s.