‘ST. ROCCO’S RAVE’ released by V2 Records in September 2005.
The album’s title has been inspired by the popular fair (the fair of San Rocco) based in Torrepaduli - Southern Italy where, each year since the ancient times, on the 15th of August, masses of people coming from different  sides of the Mediterranean sea meet during one of the eldest markets in Western Europe.

Waiting for the sunrise people from many different cultures dance and play music together mixing their roots and traditions and creating unique rhythms and sounds. It’s pure energy. It’s a natural rave. And just like in a rave the energy of the people arises and spreads all around so that no one can’t avoid moving taken away by the insistent beats of the percussions and its hypnotic power.

St. Rocco's Rave, is a clear indication of how adept the band is at mixing traditional folk music with electronica. The beats are bigger, as on the grinding title track. But all the elements that make Nidi D'Arac sonically mysterious are present in abundance: Coppola's soaring voice, violin and flute, tambourine flourishes, dub and echo flitting about the production. It is an album where the band sounds incredibly confident and not a song is misplaced. St. Rocco's Rave takes the meeting of the past and the future as far as it can go.  Combining the influence of traditional melodies and songs with electronica can be incredibly difficult to carry off successfully; if either is pasted onto the other without thought, the result can be a mess. It is a process that Coppola deeply respects. ‘Consciousness,’ Coppola says, ‘is the base for all music’. – taken from the interview by Lee Blackstone for Rootsworld

“Nidi D'Arac, founded and led by the charismatic singer-guitarist-percussionist Alessandro Coppola, pulled off a brilliant synthesis of Salento roots music and electronica with their 2006 album, Saint Rocco's Rave. It is an album where the band sounds incredibly confident and not a song is misplaced." Rootsworld